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Monday, July 13, 2015

Insurance Plans

In the present scenario every person is aware of the importance of the Life Insurance. Every person wants himself and his family to secure through Insurance. But as the taste and views of every person differs in nature so does in case of requirements in regards to LIC Policies. Keeping in view the requirements of its Beneficiaries LIC offers many plans time to time. Some of those plans are explained below.

   1.     Endowment Plans :-

   2.     Money Back Plans :-

   3.     Term Assurance Plans :-

  Note :- Taxes including Service Tax, if any shall be applicable as per the prevailing Tax Laws. Rate of Tax shall be applicable as per effective Tax rates from Time to Time. Taxes shall be payable on all above mentioned Policies Premium (along with extra premiums, if any) as applicable. Amount of Taxes will be irrelevant for the purpose of Calculating Policy Benefits (i.e. in calculation of Policy Benefits all Taxes paid will be considered. 

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